Marjan Esáa

Marjan Esáa envisioned an event where local talent could share their art while promoting cultural diversity in an annual multi-cultural show. With her hard work, dedication, and personal investment she founded The Rhythm of the World.

Marjan Esáa is a performer, choreographer, and instructor who found her love of dancing at age three in her birthplace of Venezuela.  Her experience with ballet, jazz, modern dance, and a variety of Latin music styles led to regular performances on popular Spanish-language televisions shows such as Sábado Gigante, El Show de Cristina, and Premios Lo Nuestro a la Música Latina while she lived in Miami, Florida. She has called Oklahoma home for the past 15 years. She is a member of Candela Latin Dancers from Clips ‘N Hips, and performs and teaches bellydance in Norman. She is also the founder and director of Mystical Hips Dance Troupe.

Her talent and love of belly dancing was showcased when she won 1st runner-up in the prestigious Queen of Raks Sharqi competition (Dallas, 2006) judged by Egyptian dancers and celebrities such as Nagwa Fouad, Dr. Mo Geddawi, and Randa Kamel.

This rich history has significantly influenced the dances that Marjan studies, teaches, and performs.
(405) 820-0797




Layla Isabella Rickman

Layla Isabella Rickman was born in Yukon, OK on February 17th, 2004. She is the daughter of a North American father and a South American mother (Colombia), from whom she inherited an artistic talent and love for dance. She took her first dance steps at Clips N Hips, a studio dedicated to promote Hispanic culture. This served as a foundation to perfect her talent at Victory Dance Academy, where in the last few years she has distinguished herself as one of its principal dancers.

In June of 2016 she represented the State of Oklahoma in Branson, Missouri taking 3rd place in the soloist category of the National Dance Competition “Stage One”. She was selected as principal dancer for the Victory Dance production “Frozen”. In 2015 she was recognized as the “Most Prestigious Young Dancer” from the Destined 2 Dance Awards. In 2014 she was selected as one of the finalists for dancer of the year and was awarded a DMA scholarship.

She currently studies at Classen School of Advanced Studies and when she’s not dancing, she enjoys swimming and playing with her cousins.




Mystical Hips Dance Troupe

Mystical Hips under the direction of Marjan Esáa - is a dance team made up of dancers from all walks of life who have found a love for bellydance. They are an experienced group of talented performers available for fairs, festivals, birthdays, weddings, and cultural events throughout Oklahoma.

Performers include (from left to right): Stacey Harris (Nova), Shayda Omoumi, Jessica Frazier (Meera), and Heather Burns (Esme).

For booking information, contact Marjan at (405) 820-0797,, or visit




Norahua Folklorico Mexicano

Norahua, means friends in the language of the Tarahumara (indigenous people from northern Mexico). Founded in 1993, the group emphasizes the colorful, exciting, and diverse culture of Mexico.

Artistic director Jaime Fuentes studied Mexican Folkloric dance at Escuela Superior de Danza Folklorico in Chihuahua, Mexico. He is the recipient of numerous awards recognizing his work in the field of classic and folkloric dance, including the “2014 Most Outstanding Hispanic Dance Artist Award” by the Hispanic Arts Council of Oklahoma, the title of “Ambassador of the Mexican culture in Oklahoma” from the Mexican Consulate in Little Rock, he was also recently recognized by the Agencia Latina of Oklahoma for his “Legacy and Community Service”. Most recently he was invitied by Universal Studios in California, The University of Chihuahua Mexico and Perú for a cultural exchange.

He has dedicated his talent and experience to teaching both the technical and historic aspects of folkloric dancing. He motivates and inspires his students to work hard and to express their love for dance in the interpretation of the various dances that are representative of many states in Mexico. He believes that instilling cultural pride through dance is a healthy way to boost self esteem and confidence in our Latino youth.

Norahua brings the dances of Mexico to the public via festivals, special theatre performances, conferences, meetings, and any celebration where the spirit of Mexico can be experienced through an entertaining and inspirational performance. For information about classes or performance availability please contact Jaime Fuentes at (405) 204-2938.





Adelante Studio (Energy & Super Sparkles Dance Teams)

Irene García Martínez leads both these teams. She was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. Her home is in a village located in the north countryside of the city. She started her career as an English Teacher there in 2012. She loves kids and the English Language, that is why she decided to become an Educator. She came to Oklahoma in 2015 thanks to an Exchange Program for Spanish teachers from the Government of Spain.

Irene has been taking formal dance classes here in Oklahoma since October 2017. Irene has been part of a Hip Hop performance group - “Sultry”- and has also been part of the Latin Dance Team - “SalsAdelante” during her stay here in Oklahoma. She has performed with both groups at Adelante biannual Showcases as well as local festivals, Oklahoma State Fair, and Dallas Salsa Congress. Now she has her own groups: Energy and Super Sparklers Dance Teams. Irene also teaches Jazz Funk/Street Jazz dance classes every Thursday at Adelante Studio at 7:00pm. Energy performers include: Kris Aragon, Andres Aviles, Irene Garcia Martinez, and Ray Caballero. Sparkles performers include: Allison Aguilar, Manuela Aguilar, Abigail Moreno, Madalyn Mata, Alejandra Serrato, Silvana Estrada, Keven Gomez, Mia Hernandez, Ulises Torres, Jaylen Arras, Candy Hurtado, and Loren Sosa.




Candela Latin Dancers

This group is led by Colombian performer and entrepreneur Marti Rickman from her unique hair salon and dance studio, Clips ‘N’ Hips. The group showcases dancers from different parts of Latin America and the U.S, each with different strengths and a wide variety of cultural and artistic backgrounds. They are unified by one common factor: a passion for everything dance.

Performers include (from left to right): Daniela Rojas Nusbaum, Serena Prammanasudh, Lourdes Garrett, Marjan Esáa, Marti Rickman, Layla Isabella Rickman, Heather Burns, and Daniella Reyna. For class schedule information or to book a variety Latin show for your next event, please contact Marti Rickman at (405) 209-4823.




Halau Hula 'O Nani

Betty Clymer, known as “Nani” by family and friends, embraced the fine art of Hawaiian hula at the age of 14. She studied hula under several Kumu Hula teachers (hula masters), to include Keli’i Frank Chang and Stephanie Ku’ulei Mahelona. In 2001, under the direction of Kumu Hula Frank Chang, Betty was privileged to have participated at the annual Merrie Monarch hula competition, which is considered the most prestigious hula competition in Hawaii. She continues to perform in many states, primarily in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. To this day, Betty’s love for the hula is evident. Encouraged by Kumu Hula Stephanie Mahelona, she developed Halau Hula ‘O Nani (school dance of beauty), and shares her hula by offering instructions weekly to children and ladies of all ages. She and her group also offers Hawaiian-Polynesian entertainment for any event, to include weddings, birthdays,  and corporate events.

Dancers include: Betty Clymer, Chrichelle Fernandez, Kate Clymer, Lydgia Jackson, Toby Nelson, Paressa Duwel, Eileen McGuire, Mina Berkshire, Mariah Duwel, Jennifer, Schafer, Sandy Burdick, and Crystal Palone.

For class schedule information or to book a Hawaiian-Polynesian show for your next event, please contact Betty Clymer at (405) 317-6982 or e-mail




Nritya-Arpan Dance School of
Bharatnatyam & Indian Folk Dance

Nishita Shah, founder, and director of Nritya-Arpan Dance School has been teaching in Edmond for the past 9 years. Nishita started learning dance at age of 4 in India and throughout the journey of 17 years of training; she learned various Indian dance styles from renowned & experienced teachers which lead her hobby into her passion. At this dance school, children learn Indian Classical dance known as Bharatanatyam, many different styles of folk dances as well as Bollywood dance. Nishita earned double graduation in Bharatnatyam and performed worldwide as a professional dancer for 5 years with famous Bollywood veteran actress Hema Malini in mythological Ballets. She has received recognition from the state of Oklahoma as well as 2016 recipient of the Global Citizen in Arts given by the World Experiences Foundation. She also had a featured article for her community involvement through her dance school in the Daily Oklahoman in 2016. Recently, she has been also awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Award & Gold Medal given by the White House for her service providing the finest dance instruction to hundreds of students and her volunteer work promoting multiculturalism in Oklahoma schools and communities through arts.

Her students have won prizes at various dance competitions. Some of the recent dance performances include at the State Capitol and Myriad Botanical Gardens, Kids Fest by Metro Family magazine, United Nations of Oklahoma, Turkish and Vietnamese Annual Festivals, and more. Nritya Arpan Dance School takes pride in imparting a sacred art of Bharatnatyam. Performers include: Malavika Shylesh, Kaavya Manjunath, Pari Gulati, and Subah Chowdhury.

For more information and enrollment contact Nishita at:
(405) 514-4855





Raíces means roots in Spanish. Members of this group are children whose parents come from different parts of Latin America such as Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico; with some members also from the United States. Marti Rickman, a choreographer and performer with more than 20 years of involvement in the artistic world, created Raíces to teach those children their parents’ cultures through dance.

Performers include: Melissa Saldaña, Jackie Davis, Stephanie Davis, Adriana Hollis, Sophia Grisales, Isabella Grisales, Andrea Ramírez, Eva Wberth, Katie Hernandez, Paula Sulbaran, Daniela Verdoza Arias, and Andrea Verdoza Arias.

For information about classes or performance availability please contact Marti Rickman at (405) 209-4823




Eterna Primavera

Eterna Primavera Guatemalan folklore group is led by Guatemalan dancer and choreographer Hilda De León Xavier. She has resided in Oklahoma for over 25 years and over the years she has had many kids as part of her group, the current group has been together for two years. Most members of the group have Latin-American roots given their parents come from countries such as Guatemala and Mexico.

Hilda originally formed the group to teach young girls and boys her own Guatemalan folklore. In a short amount of time, the group’s popularity and success has soared, and they have expanded their choreographies. The young group has performed in weddings and Quinceañeras events, as well as in many Oklahoma cultural events such as St. Patrick Catholic Church’s Carnival, Holy Angel Catholic Church Dia de Los Niños, United Nations association of Oklahoma, Guatemalan Independence Day, and Festival de las Americas. For more information about classes or performance availability please contact Hilda De Leon Xavier at




Azuquita Cubana

Heather Burns (Director of Azuquita Cubana) studied in Santiago de Cuba with Cutumba Ballet Folklorico and performed professionally in Los Angeles with Juan Calvo Flores’s Stage of the Arts Productions. Over the past 20 years she has been very fortunate to study with many Cuban artists and mentors both in the U.S. and abroad. Heather enjoys working as an Oklahoma Arts Council teaching artist with children and adults.

If you are interested in her choreography for an event, party, wedding, etc. you can find her on Facebook at Joy Deluxe Dance by Heather Burns. Performers include: Heather Burns, Natasha Wolfe Germany, Stacey Harris, Shenika Hines, Heather Lerch, Elisa Mendoza, Naisha Morris, and Jasmine Pitts.





Zichen Liu, Dongmei Zhu, and Yuwei Qin from OU Confucius Institute

Zichen Liu is a member of the HeYa Yuefang (music department) with Beijing Normal University School of Art and Media. She is currently a volunteer teacher at OU Confucius Institute.

Miss Liu is an accomplished Erhu player with 18 years’ experience. She started to learn Erhu since she was 5 years old. She also loves to play piano and she has been playing piano for the past 15 years. In 2013, she was admitted by Beijing Normal University as the top 1 student, and she was recommended to the master degree directly in 2017 because of her outstanding performance.

Since entering Beijing Normal University, she has participated in many major music competitions at home and abroad, and has won the first place and gold medal for her performances. She has traveled to the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries and regions for performances exchanges and won high praises for all of her performances.

Dongmei Zhu is a graduate student of Dance Department of Beijing Normal University(BNU), and her research field is dance performance and management. In 2014, she went on a tour of the Confucius institute in the United States and study at Oklahoma University. In 2016, the classical dance “Autumn Term” won the first prize and the best actress in the 4th international Bauhinia Bowl dance competition, the silver medal of creation and performance in the 8th five provinces of north China competition. In 2017, she went to Greece to participate in the 55th Lefkas International Folklore Festival.

Yuwei Qin is a graduate student of Dance Department of Beijing Normal University (BNU). Originally from Inner Mongolia, Miss Qin used to work in the Dance Department of Baotou Normal College in Inner Mongolia. In 2018, she went to the Oklahoma University in the United States for a one-year internship. During this period, she held many Mongolian dance performances for the public in the United States.





Hurrey-UP Consulting & Performing Arts

Hurrey-UP Consulting & Performing Arts produces original and popular theatrical works. With particular focus on multi-cultural themes and performance styles, the company produces stage plays, performance workshops, film, programs in African dance, and acting/theatrical movement. Our West African component consists of songs, dances, and music, all traditional to the West Coast of Africa, in a high-spirited presentation set for the stage. Members of our company vary in both ethnicity and cultural background. To purposely diversify the team’s cast is a choice made in an attempt to further expose the members, as well as the community, to the customs and values of West African culture.

Ayinde Hurrey was born in Manhattan, New York and spent most of his life in Goldsboro, North Carolina. At an early age, he began his career on the stage as a drummer/musician with The Cultural Movement, Inc., a company founded by his father, Raymond “Nilaja” Hurrey, the original percussionist for The Last Poets. Ayinde’s background in African dance and percussion has provided him with the opportunity to perform as a guest artist with various dance companies all over the country and abroad. Ayinde studied at North Carolina Central University in Durham, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and pursued his graduate training at the University of Florida in Gainesville, where he received his Masters of Fine Arts in Acting. As a director, he has produced numerous West African dance concerts, West African percussion compositions as well as stage plays. Ayinde’s most recent works have been Nappy Journeys, a solo piece written and performed by Hurrey that was chosen as one of the 23 Mainstage productions at the 2009 National Black Theatre Festival. As an educator, Ayinde has trained elementary to university level students, teaching the various aspects of the working theatre. Ayinde has worked as a teacher for the New York City Board of Education, Wayne County Public Schools, and Escambia County Schools.




McTeggart Irish Dancers of Oklahoma

The McTeggart School of Irish Dancing was established in 1939 in Cork, Ireland. The first director was Peg McTeggart, the eldest of four sisters, all of them champion dancers. The school soon spread throughout the whole of County Cork due to the efforts of younger sister Maureen McTeggart Hall, T.C.R.G. and A.D.C.R.G. In 1958 Maureen McTeggart Hall and her family immigrated to the United States, bringing with them the art of Irish Dancing and introducing it to the Western Region of the United States.

The McTeggart School of Oklahoma is the first accredited school in the state taught by T.C.R.G Rebekah Cassiday. The school has classes in Edmond and Stillwater and some of its students are National champions and world champions; it is also home to Miss Oklahoma and Miss America 1st runner up Betty Thompson who used Irish Dance as her talent winning her the talent competition at Miss America. The school has performed with Celtic Women, The Chieftans, The Elders, Natalie Mcmasters, and Eileen Ivers of River dance fame, and are thrilled to be here tonight to perform for you. Performers include: Tessa Martin-Reed, Paisley Roberts, Abbey Broyles, Hannah Cassiday, Alexandra Mitchel, Ellie Scioli, Eden Scioli, Morgan Mitchell, Gretchen Russell, Maisie Krodel, Mary Kate Krodel, Allyn Wilhelm, Alissa Ricketson, Eli Schmidt, Danae Ray, Hannah Crow, Mikayla Bray, Lauren Bray, and Aspen Bray.

For information contact Rebekah Cassiday at 405-659-0600 or







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