Marjan Esáa

Yelisabel Villarreal Scott, better known as Marjan Esáa is the founder of The Rhythm of the World Foundation, Inc., as well as the creator and producer of the show since its conception in the year 2011.

Marjan Esáa is a performer, choreographer, and instructor who found her love of dancing at age three in her birthplace of Venezuela.  Her experience with ballet, jazz, modern dance, and a variety of Latin music styles led to regular performances on popular Spanish-language televisions shows such as Sábado Gigante, El Show de Cristina, and Premios Lo Nuestro a la Música Latina while she lived in Miami, Florida. She has called Oklahoma home for the past 19 years. She is a member of Candela Latin Dancers from Clips ‘N Hips, and performs and teaches bellydance in Norman. She is also the founder and director of Mystical Hips Dance Troupe.

Her talent and love of belly dancing was showcased when she won 1st runner-up in the prestigious Queen of Raks Sharqi competition (Dallas, 2006) judged by Egyptian dancers and celebrities such as Nagwa Fouad, Dr. Mo Geddawi, and Randa Kamel.

This rich history has significantly influenced the dances that Marjan studies, teaches, and performs.
(405) 820-0797




Alexis Luna

Alexis Luna is a student at the University of Oklahoma pursuing a degree in biology on the pre-med track. Alexis was raised in Southside Oklahoma City and has a strong connection to her Hispanic and Mexican roots. She previously served as the Reina Hispana de Oklahoma and Philanthropy Chair for OU’s Hispanic American Student Association. Her passion is singing and bringing her community closer together with culture and love.







CWCS and the Indian Princesses of Oklahoma 2024

Changing Winds Cultural Society, founded in 1995, is the sponsor of the annual Miss, Jr. Miss and Little Miss Indian Oklahoma City Competition and Performance and the Oklahoma City Princesses.

Our title holders are different than other tribal and organization royalty in that, CWCS provides a platform for these competition winners to go out into the community throughout the year to share their tribal languages, perform sign language, dance exhibitions (when called for), and do meet and greets at corporate, government, private, religious, and Native events. Our princesses have been invited and have performed at over 40 events since they gained their titles last March. These titles and this experience help these young ladies grow exponentially in their social skills and leadership skills during their reign.

The 2024 Royalty performing tonight are: Miss-Auriana Jones and Jr. Miss-Jaylee Mule.




Classen SAS School of Advanced Studies at Northeast

Classen School of Advanced Studies at Northeast is located on the east side of Oklahoma City. This visual and performing arts school is ranked 2nd best school in the state of Oklahoma. Students in ninth thru twelfth grade have the opportunity to take elective courses as part of their daily curriculum.

The school offers a Flamenco course taught by Erika Vasquez, who is one of two dance directors at Classen. The course is taught through history, technique, guest artists, and community performances. The course takes a more contemporary/westernized twist in the teachings of Flamenco, the appreciation of the cultural traditions of Flamenco and its duende is taught through text, citizens of Spain, and the invitation of other Flamenco artists who also appreciate the genre and want to share its raw beauty with our students who take this course for one year.







Norahua Folklorico Mexicano

Norahua, means friends in the language of the Tarahumara (indigenous people from northern Mexico). Founded in 1993, the group emphasizes the colorful, exciting, and diverse culture of Mexico.

Artistic director Jaime Fuentes studied Mexican Folkloric dance at Escuela Superior de Danza Folklorico in Chihuahua, Mexico. He is the recipient of numerous awards recognizing his work in the field of classic and folkloric dance, including the “2014 Most Outstanding Hispanic Dance Artist Award” by the Hispanic Arts Council of Oklahoma, the title of “Ambassador of the Mexican culture in Oklahoma” from the Mexican Consulate in Little Rock, he was also recently recognized by the Agencia Latina of Oklahoma for his “Legacy and Community Service”. He has been invited by Universal Studios in California, The University of Chihuahua Mexico and to Perú for a cultural exchange.

Jaime has dedicated his talent and experience to teaching both the technical and historic aspects of folkloric dancing. He motivates and inspires his students to work hard and to express their love for dance in the interpretation of the various dances that are representative of many states in Mexico. He believes that instilling cultural pride through dance is a healthy way to boost self esteem and confidence in our Latino youth.

Norahua brings the dances of Mexico to the public via festivals, special theatre performances, conferences, meetings, and any celebration where the spirit of Mexico can be experienced through an entertaining and inspirational performance. Most recently, Norahua has been invited to an International Festival in Turkey.

For information about classes or performance availability please contact Jaime Fuentes at (405) 204-2938.



Nritya Arpan Dance School

Founder and director of Nritya Arpan Dance School, Nishita Shah has been teaching in Edmond, OK for the last 13 yrs; where students undergo a systematic syllabus of one of the Indian classical dance forms known as Bharata Natyam followed by annual tests and learn, as well as, perform Indian traditional folk and Bollywood style dances.

She is the recipient of the Global Citizen Award in Arts, an Outstanding Asian American Award by the ASO, and a recognition from the State of Oklahoma. She also had a featured article for her community involvement in the Daily Oklahoman. She has been awarded the President's Volunteer Service Award & Gold Medal given by the White House for providing the finest dance instruction to students and her volunteer work promoting multiculturalism in Oklahoma schools & communities through arts.

Nritya Arpan Dance School takes pride in imparting the sacred art of Bharata Natyam as well as Indian traditional folk dances to local young talents. Performers for this show are: Sanvi Satishkumar and Venba Lingadoss.



Layla Isabella Rickman  

Layla Isabella Rickman

Layla Isabella Rickman was born in Yukon, OK. She is the daughter of a North American father and a South American mother (Colombia), from whom she inherited an artistic talent and love for dance. She took her first dance steps at Clips N Hips, a studio dedicated to promote Hispanic culture. This served as a foundation to perfect her talent at Victory Dance Academy, where she distinguished herself as one of its principal dancers. In June of 2016 she represented the State of Oklahoma in Branson, Missouri taking 3rd place in the soloist category of the National Dance Competition “Stage One”. She was selected as principal dancer for the Victory Dance production “Frozen”. In 2015 she was recognized as the “Most Prestigious Young Dancer” from the Destined 2 Dance Awards. In 2014 she was selected as one of the finalists for dancer of the year and was awarded a DMA scholarship. She attended the Classen School of Advanced Studies and now attends The University of Oklahoma-OU.







Jay Mule

Jay Mule is of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. He and his wife, Toni, reside in Oklahoma City, OK along with their two daughters, Jaylee and Lily. Jay travels extensively with his family throughout the United State and Canada competing at various competition powwows.

He performs a dance called the Hoop Dance. This dance is unique to the Southwest part of the United States and is believed to have begun with the Pueblo people. The hoop dancer tells a story by creating designs and symbols that represent things we see in nature. However, an accomplished dancer will also create modern things as well. Whether it’s an eagle, horse or Mickey Mouse, you will enjoy this wonderful style of dance!






Marti Rickman


Candela and Mini Candela Latin Dancers from Clips 'N Hips

Performer and entrepreneur Marti Rickman leads these groups from her unique hair salon and dance studio, Clips ‘N’ Hips. She has been recognized by both her native country as well as her adopted one. Recognized as an Illustrious Colombian, she was given the title of Colombian Cultural Ambassador in Oklahoma by the Colombian Consulate in Houston. She has also been invited in more than one occasion to be the guest speaker at the New Citizenship Ceremonies in Oklahoma, a huge honor.

Her groups showcase dances not only from her native Colombia, but also from different countries in Latin America. Members of these groups come from a variety of Latin American countries and the U.S, each with different strengths and a wide variety of cultural and artistic backgrounds. They are unified by one common factor: a passion for everything dance.

Members dancing at thi show are: Marti Rickman, Layla Rickman, Marjan Esáa, Maria Belen Puente, Luella Hollis, Adriana Hollis, Jackie Davis, Zoe Uzle, Vanessa Davis, and special guest artist Steffi Silvera.

To book a variety Latin show for your next event, please contact Marti Rickman at (405) 209-4823.







Halau Hula 'O Nani

Betty Clymer, known as “Nani” by family and friends, embraced the fine art of Hawaiian hula at the age of 14. She studied hula under several Kumu Hula teachers (hula masters), to include Keli’i Frank Chang and Stephanie Ku’ulei Mahelona. In 2001, under the direction of Kumu Hula Frank Chang, Betty was privileged to have participated at the annual Merrie Monarch Hula Competition, which is considered the most prestigious hula competition in Hawaii. She continues to perform in many states, primarily in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. To this day, Betty’s love for the hula is evident.

Encouraged by Kumu Hula Stephanie Mahelona, she developed Halau Hula ‘O Nani (school dance of beauty), and shares her hula by offering instructions weekly to children and ladies of all ages. She and her group also offers Hawaiian-Polynesian entertainment for any event, to include weddings, birthdays,  and corporate events. Current members are: Betty Clymer, Mariah Duwel, Paressa Duwel, Bethany Broach, Chrichelle Fernandez, Adriana Hill, Cheryl Johnstonbaugh-Jones, Lydgia Jackson, Kate Clymer, Toby Nelson, Eileen McGuire, Jennifer Schafer, Crystal Palone, Madeline Taomia, Sandra Burdick.

For class schedule information or to book a Hawaiian-Polynesian show for your next event, please contact Betty Clymer at (405) 317-6982 or e-mail e-mail







Eterna Primavera

Eterna Primavera Guatemalan folklore group is led by Guatemalan dancer and choreographer Hilda De León Xavier. She has resided in Oklahoma for over 25 years and over the years she has had many kids as part of her group. Most members of the group have Latin-American roots given their parents come from countries such as Guatemala and Mexico. Performers are: Eily Carrillo (Niña Monja Blanca 2023-2024), Adaly Xavier, Jacklyn Ramos Sánchez, and Joi Barrios.

Hilda originally formed the group to teach young girls and boys her own Guatemalan folklore. In a short amount of time, the group’s popularity and success has soared, and they have expanded their choreographies. The young group has performed in weddings and Quinceañeras events, as well as in many Oklahoma cultural events such as St. Patrick Catholic Church’s Carnival, Holy Angel Catholic Church Dia de Los Niños, United Nations association of Oklahoma, Guatemalan Independence Day, and Festival de las Americas. For more information about classes or performance availability please contact Hilda De Leon Xavier at




Raquel Fabiú Carrasco

Born in Extremadura, Spain, Raquel Fabiú Carrasco was raised in a Gypsy Roma family. Flamenco is in her genes. She studied in Madrid and Barcelona with some of the best flamenco teachers.

She has performed all over the world starting in the Gypsy tablaos in Spain, as well as theaters and night clubs in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Here in America she has performed in Hollywood and Las Vegas.

Raquel teaches the art of flamenco in Oklahoma City from her own home studio. Contact her to enroll at (405) 359-9430.




RACE Dance Collective

RACE is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, guided by its mission to ignite social awareness and change through dance performance, education, and engagement. Founded by a Korean immigrant, Hui Poos sought to challenge societal perceptions of what dance companies look like and their artistic content. As a result, RACE has redefined the traditional dance company structure and organizational models by developing a collective of professional dancers that fluctuate throughout the performance season. Instead of the conventional artistic director, RACE hires project directors who oversee each production's creative direction, creating opportunities for many artistic voices throughout the community to be represented.

Having produced over 38 full-length shows, RACE has reached over 10,000 audience members and has hired over 500 local artists. Through its efforts to grow and retain the arts sector in OKC, RACE offers over 500 drop-in professional adult dance classes a year, engaging with 3,261 participants. RACE also partners with dozens of organizations to create accessible arts programming for the local community. In the fiscal year 22-'23, RACE collaborated with 13 entities to organize 35+ community engagement events in Central Oklahoma. Participants of RACE's programming affirm that RACE provides a professional dance experience where individuality is celebrated, rejecting the notion of a standardized dancer archetype. RACE is revered as a space where all dancers can learn and thrive, fostering connectivity, individuality, and empowerment.




Raíces from Clips 'N Hips

Raíces means roots in Spanish. Members of this group are children whose parents come from different parts of Latin America or the world such as Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Ghana; with some members also from the United States. Marti Rickman, a choreographer and performer with more than 20 years of involvement in the artistic world, created Raíces to teach those children their parents’ cultures through dance. Performers tonight: Jazmin Gramajo, Luciana Morea, Andrea Velasco, Camila García, Mia Scott, Emma Villalobos, Alyssa Gonzalez, Natividad Luna Hernandez, Victor Scott, and Lucas Scott.






Mystical Hips Dance Troupe

Mystical Hips - under the direction of Marjan Esáa - is a dance team made up of performers from all walks of life who have found a love for bellydance. They strive to promote the art of bellydancing and the Middle Eastern culture it represents. They are an experienced group that frequently performs at fairs, festivals, birthdays, weddings, and cultural events throughout Oklahoma.

Current members are Stacey Harris (Nova), Shayda Omoumi, Jessica Frazier (Meera), Angela Helt (Delamara), and Jun Yi (Eva).

For booking information, contact Marjan at (405) 820-0797, or visit






Heather Burns

Heather Burns has been performing and teaching dance for over 20 years working with all ages from children to senior adults. Although primarily focusing on the folkloric dances of the Caribbean with her troupe Azuquita Cubana, Heather is a cultural anthropologist who enjoys studying dances from around the world. She creates choreography and teaches classes for all ages and abilities and performs internationally with her partner in life, singer/songwriter Gordon McKinney.






Everything Goes Dance Studio

Elizabeth Kabrick began learning dance at age three at Bill Graham Dance Studio as an outlet for an abundance of energy. Two years later in 1976, she joined the Lawrence School of Scottish Highland Dance under the direction of Betty Lawrence, who remained her teacher and mentor for over 25 years. Along with learning the dances, history and technique are important components of education in Scottish Highland. With her first exam at age eight, Ms. Kabrick tested regularly under the British Association of Teachers of Dancing (BATD) and Royal Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing (RSOBHD) eventually earning Highly Commended Member status. Scottish Highland opened the world to Ms. Kabrick as she trained and competed in Canada, Australia, and of course Scotland, in addition to numerous US cities. Highlights from her competitive years include performing in Glasgow’s Lord Provost Procession, competing in the Sydney Opera House, and qualifying for the US Championship three times. Currently, Ms. Kabrick is an instructor at the Everything Goes Dance Studio in Oklahoma City's Plaza District, and also directs the EGD Scottish Highland Dance Performance Group.






Hurrey-UP Consulting & Performing Arts

Hurrey-UP Consulting & Performing Arts produces performing arts programming with “a cultural slant and two-tablespoons of soul”. We create artistic works that speak beyond language. With our major focus being on youth empowerment through the performing arts, the company produces stage works with culturally infused elements where the audience feels our sense of artistic passion through our performances. We work with extreme diligence to strengthen the awareness of cultural theatre, theatre-in-education, and its positive impact on society and culture.

Under the direction of Ayinde Hurrey, son of The Last Poets’ original percussionist, Raymond “Nilaja” Hurrey, the company produces play productions, films, masterclasses, African dance, and African drumming. HUPC&PA seeks to offer a fully engaging, tangible, hands-on theatrical experience with our audiences. The company’s aim is to continuously lean forward, engage, “and move UP”, in order to use the power of the performing arts to change the world for the better.







Central Plains Dance Troupe

The Central Plains Dance Troupe is a Native American Dance Troupe comprised of many different tribes throughout the state of Oklahoma and surrounding areas including Kiowa, Cheyenne, Choctaw, Prairie Band Pottawatomie, Ponca, Tonkawa, Otoe, Pawnee, Chickasaw, Comanche, Sac and Fox, Taino Arawak, and many others. We strive to educate and entertain audiences of all ages throughout the country on the beauty and skill of Native American culture through dance and powwow music. We honor our ancestors by keeping our culture alive and strong in the 21st century. We reflect our culture that has been passed down from generation to generation and share the storytelling and origins of these dance styles. We hope to leave audiences not only entertained but educated on our culture and have an everlasting connection of who we are as Indigenous people.





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